investment PHILOSOPHY

    Human Capital Ventures helps entrepreneurs develop big companies from early-stage startups with high potential growth. We have significant experience and expertise in partnering talented entrepreneurs with the right investors to generate the strongest financial and social return. Venture-backed and growth-oriented companies face unusual business challenges; HCV provides end-to-end software solutions to help them optimize performance, strategize on key early-stage issues, and prepare for liquidity events.


    We formulate sound investment decisions by combining various research methods and applying the social, political and historical sciences to global economy analysis. Although we are specialists in the financial aspects of the economy, we do not believe that financial matters offer a unique or necessarily reliable guide to the workings of the economy, but rather that they have to be interpreted alongside other data.


    Human Capital Ventures uses a wide range of tools and techniques related to risk management and compliance including consultancy and training with experts in business continuity management and information security management. We take extensive measures to ensure that our preliminary analysis aligns with reality.

    Investment MONITORING

    Human Capital Ventures reviews individual performance as well as the whole picture in order to ensure that all our assets are working as effectively as possible. To set clear expectations and adjust performance, we review risks and check whether the funds are being managed in accordance with the investment mandate.

We are on the constant lookout for promising entrepreneurs to build our portfolio companies

HCV leverages the selection process based on our assessment abilities. We employ quantitative and qualitative assessment methods to highlight promising entrepreneurs, who combine innovative ideas with robust technologies, and bring them to market success.